5 American Priorities Which Must Not Be Delayed

In almost any situation, be it personal, organizational/group, and/or public service issues, perhaps nothing is more dangerous/dangerous than procrastination, especially in well thought out situations that require immediate action, and noticed! Anyway, when it comes to national policies, agendas, actions, etc., it gets harder, even harder! Politicians seem to place their perceived personal/political agenda and/or self-interest above the greater good, often using empty promises, rhetoric, etc. to fuel fears and emotions/prejudice. Their supporters, not all of whom serve and represent! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, revise, and discuss 5 priorities for America without delay!

1. Threats and Impacts of Climate Change: We often see certain politicians and elected officials trying to downplay and deny the potential threat of climate change! Almost all scientists and experts in the field are concerned about the impact this has on the sustainability and well-being of the planet! When a politician equates this threat with economic conditions/interests, it attracts his main supporters, but not the greater good! If we don’t proactively address these dangers, we risk major changes in climate, sea level and more! The planet cannot afford to slow down, but its leaders must act strategically and thoughtfully to ensure a sustainable and healthy planet for generations to come!

2. Environmental protection: we must pass a planet with clean air and water to future generations! Shouldn’t it be our responsibility to leave our planet in a better condition than we found it? We cannot allow politicians to do this because it seems like an inconvenient fact!

3. Voting rights: how can we as a democracy continue to refer to ourselves unless/until we protect the right to vote for everyone? We need a representative form of government in which all citizens are treated equally, especially with regard to their opportunities and right to vote freely! If we delay, we risk forever our form of government and constitutional guarantees, rights and freedoms!

4. Equal rights/protection: we really need to demand equal rights for everyone! This means that all rights and freedoms are protected, not just selective ones! It cannot be based on politics, political beliefs and beliefs, and/or any agenda, but applies equally to everyone and works for everyone!

5. End polarization: denial, this country, more polarized than ever, in recent memory, unsuccessfully, walk away! Instead, we should demand a return to a greater civilization and try to create a thoughtful gathering of minds for the greater good!

Wake up, America, ask the public and elected officials to address these pressing priorities ASAP, we will no longer allow delays to address the most pressing and pressing issues! Are you becoming a more responsible voter and citizen?


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