5 Key Differences Between Republican And Democrats Politics And Policies!

My votes don’t count! They are all the same! I hate politics and politicians! How often do we hear someone say something like that? Anyone, who is concerned, can be shut down for a number of reasons – politics and our political system, including voting, but while many on both sides are unpopular, etc., it usually seems that because – – dependent and without any unity, Republicans seem to prioritize politics and personal agenda/self-interest over service and representation! For example, while the Democrats pressured former Senator Al Franken to resign, rather than appear, as it appears to be, one is nothing — Hamburg, members of the Grand Old Party voted almost unanimously, even on issues of infrastructure , public health and safety, licensing, being overly mean and more, refuse to do what you want! With this in mind, this article will briefly consider, examine, assess and discuss 5 key differences between the two major political parties in the United States.

1. Accusations against Republicans (Jordan, Trump, Gates, Nunes, etc.) vs. Democrats (Franks, etc.): Despite repeated accusations against individuals such as Jim Jordan, Donald Trump, Gates, etc. The high, recurring, major accusations , Nunes, these people, continue to serve, without major consequences, for their actions and actions! For example, while Trump was accused by more than a dozen women of numerous sex-related crimes and became president, New York Governor Cuomo was forced to resign on lower charges, while former Senator Franken was, really, obviously – a trivial crime. ! No wonder so many people feel empowered and entitled because they know or feel that nothing is going to happen!

2. Senate Impeachment Trial: Although President Trump has been impeached twice by the House of Representatives, he rightly believes that the Senate cannot be guilty because it takes a sizable supermajority, and his party, will not vote, to to condemn! How could it even be considered a trial if so many Republicans pre-announced that they would vote to acquit them before the trial even started! To date, this has even led to a situation where the former president is still an important member of his party when he comes along!

3. Policy/Political Balance: Party politics exist and always will, but shouldn’t every elected official put policy and people above politics under certain priorities? Even after more than 800,000 Americans have died and tens of millions have been infected, why should something as horrific as this pandemic be viewed from a partisan perspective? Why do they refuse to make any real effort to deal with the horrors of gun violence, and come to common sense strategies to bring about better change? How many more people have to die because elected officials seem indifferent and content with the same – old, same – old politics as usual?

4. Messaging: While Republicans often use unified messaging to inspire, unite and please them, their core majority, their opposition, doesn’t! The persistent divide between the so-called progressives and moderates of the Democratic Party, idealism that often seems to get in the way of pragmatic achievement, etc. understand them and believe them! How is it healthy?

5. Political Strategy: Republicans target local legislatures, try to shape their political districts to their advantage, and ensure Republican control far greater than actual control! On the other hand, when it comes to Democrats, we rarely see such unity!

Wake up, America, because if the existing two-party system seems inadequate, not addressing it sooner or later endangers our democracy and many of its freedoms and rights! Will you be a more responsible voter and better, demand more?


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