Is Trump Trying To Run The Clock?: 5 Examples

While trying to run out of clocks is a common tactic for many defendants, former President Donald J. Trump seems to have turned it into an art form! Before his presidency, he used a lot of process tactics, he would sue other people, apparently to prevent them from going after him, etc! However, whether it be legal action against him and/or his company, or action-oriented, he, as the leader of the free world, seems to be moving forward, relying on this strategy! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss these 5 examples, and why the rest of us should be concerned about potential effects and consequences.

1. A lawsuit filed against him and his company in New York: Both the state attorney general and the New York County district attorney have investigated the former president. State cases are civil lawsuits, provincial cases are criminal investigations! He has said that he should be exempted because of the privilege of the executive, claiming that the affairs were only political affairs of his enemies. When a claim was rejected by the court, he appealed or filed another claim! Apparently he sued her for discrimination, prejudice, etc. to stop or at least delay AG James’ case! If he is allowed to go unpunished, there is a risk that a prominent person will be prosecuted in the future. In his mind, his views, his agenda, his personal interests are all facts, everything else is false facts!

2. Congressional Hearing/Delay: He Claims Administrative Law, He Notifies His Former Aids, Don’t Testify! Many followed his instructions or refused to answer, sued and/or claimed the 5th amendment! If Congress can’t, what happens to the balance of power and congressional oversight, etc.?

3. Civil Action/Litigation: He used his political position to defend himself, delay and/or refuse to cooperate when charged and prosecuted! Despite the precedent otherwise, when President Clinton was indicted and indicted and forced to testify, Trump still believed he was above the law!

4. Political Pressure: Trump is a master of pressure when it suits his purposes and goals! Who can forget his Republican allies in the Senate who argue that impeachment doesn’t count because he’s out of office despite his ongoing allegations of voter fraud (without evidence)? When someone questions and/or opposes him, he tries to put extreme pressure on them because the Republican Party seems to have turned into Trump’s party for the most part!

5. Executive Privilege/Power/Urban: While Executive Privilege is required, it should be used for things like national security, not personal privileges etc! Its transcendence has an extreme potential impact on the future. If we can’t solve it, we can solve it now!

Wake up, America, and remind your elected officials that no one is above the law! Will you be a more responsible voter?


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