Nourishing the Balance of the Universe

On the one hand, we are microscopic creatures who think we can have some effect on something as vast and incomprehensible as the universe – where we are so insignificant and insignificant that we could just as easily disappear from the face of the earth like snakes?

On the other hand, as aspects of infinite ineffable intelligence, our evolutionary destiny lies in recognizing our oneness: understanding that there is no “other”, so whatever we do for or for others, we are only for us or for us. . Own.

Then, just as all nature functions perfectly – predators and prey are in equilibrium in populations; pollinate and reproduce bees and birds; fruits and flowers reproduce and feed; floods, droughts and fires cycle through the seasons – people It is also possible to realize his Dharma. While one might argue that the Dharma cannot be accomplished, at this historic moment its promotion and need for greater harmony cannot be denied.

The dedication is clear – no more time for self-indulgence. Knowing that harmony cannot be imposed from without, but must be manifested from within, each of us has a responsibility to illuminate our personal cells in the human body by cultivating consciousness and manifesting love. As with all sustainability and equality efforts, regardless of motivation or intent, as long as greed is the dominant force on the planet, it cannot succeed. Greed will not be overcome until the understanding of unity reaches a critical point.

So here’s our job: to understand and encourage the need to move away from the false identities that divide and rule those in power; and promote the recognition that everyone’s suffering is everyone’s suffering; and launch a global movement to take our word around the world.

We can then feed the balance of the universe by creating harmony on our planet – harmony that comes only by recognizing that “we are one and that is enough”.

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