Some Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

After almost two years this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, at least many are tired of this horrific pandemic, or even more – more – tired, sicker – and have had enough and have had enough and Impact on our lives! However, this should not and cannot prove that some people completely ignore the common good, follow basics, common sense, public health, protection! How could this become another political issue, with so many people clearly putting their personal/political interests and agendas first? How many people have yet to be infected, hospitalized, endanger others and/or die? Many older adults have lost the battle, are immunocompromised and we still don’t know all the possible long-term consequences and effects! Why, despite all efforts and costs, does this country have the lowest vaccination rate in the world of the first-class developed countries? Everyone is tired of this and wants to get back to normal, but the efforts of a few are hurting our overall efforts and the potential to optimize our efforts!​​ With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine and review this and why we are making it better must do.

1) Conspiracy Theories: For some reason, some people prefer to believe and accept baseless opinions instead of facts. It starts with denial, turns into accusation, and creates damaging resistance. Is there someone who has not experienced or experienced the loss of a loved one? Although, everyone has the right to express their own opinion, but they have no facts of their own. It’s one thing if your action only hurts you, it’s another if it puts others at risk!

2) Politics: Why did this become political, as many seeming common sense asks? There is a huge difference between a workable solution, a well thought out plan and blame and complain, denial and stubbornness!

3) Data and science matter: Mike Bloomberg likes to say, “We trust in God. Everyone else, bring data. History shows that science programs are needed, with public health, medical and scientific personnel and the approval and support of experts to create meaningful, evidence-based efforts.

4) Forced Resistance: While we’ve seen public health mandates, we seem to be experiencing the most polarized country in recent history! Just because someone disagrees doesn’t mean they know more than the experts!

Either we continue in a more unified way, or we extend the horror. Wake up, America, for many others, lose this battle! It’s up to each of us!


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