Why We Need An Actual Balance Of Powers?: 4 Specifics!

The country’s founding fathers seem to realize and admit, perhaps out of frustration, that under the previous British system there had to be a system of government that no individual or elite minority could have too much – strong power! For this reason they emphasize the necessity of the so-called balance of power between the three branches of government! These branches are: the executive branch (the president, vice president and their cabinet and advisers, etc.), the legislative branch (both chambers of Congress), and the judiciary (federal courts, etc.). Unless these, all of them, do their job, protect them, risk, miss the most wanted, influence, etc! To ensure our system of government and all related constitutional guarantees (rights and freedoms, holistic and non-selective) we need protection and we must demand these from all 3 sectors, we must and must strive! With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, review and discuss 4 specific situations and conditions etc.

1. No branch/person should have too much power: From 2017 to 2020, we witnessed some potential dangers when one person or branch (Executive/President Trump) exercises too much power and influence while ignoring the other two branches, and/or ignore it, and/or resort to populism, personal/political agendas, etc! Never in recent memory have we seen that the legislature is clearly controlled by members of the president’s party who seem to put the party above the interests of the country! Think of the level of hate crime, vitriol and suspicious activity!

2. Congress must legislate and assume its fiscal responsibilities: unless/until the legislature fulfills its duties, including becoming an essential part of the implicit and necessary balance of power and checks and balances, the United States is, has its identity, freedoms lost, and rights forever. risk! Never before in recent history have we seen the executive wield so much power, with its inherent and potential dangers and consequences!

3. We need an independent, fair, impartial, apolitical judiciary: When the Supreme Court appears to be full of three extreme party nominations and nominations, we could lose some constitutional guarantees, rights and freedoms! When judicial priorities such as Roe v Wade have long been contested, political racism and other measures have apparently been blatantly taken by several states granting voting rights and are at risk for millions, and the current level of hate crime is so high, we need to understand why independence , honesty and justice are so important!

4. More common sense is needed, twofold, for the greater good: we need more common sense, less hypocrisy, about how we are governed. We cannot be selective about which rights are protected and under what circumstances! Many believe that if Congress cannot convict President Trump, then someone should do something to be removed from office?

Wake up, America, before it’s too late, protect our democracy and more! Would you like to ask for, better, more?


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