Will The Pandemic Transform Into An Endemic?: 5 Considerations

Most people think that it has been almost two years since this terrible epidemic started infecting people! We seem to miss a lot of opportunities by not acting thoughtfully and in a timely manner when necessary, under the auspices of scientific and medical experts and professionals! Over 800,000 Americans lost their lives (probably even more), millions (or more) were infected to varying degrees around the world, and more! It seems that every time we feel like we are taking a step forward – in this battle the virus has mutated and we will eventually lose more ground. The original version, the Delta variant, and now the Omicron, has shown amazing resilience and deadly power! Even with the rapid rollout of vaccines, which are considered the best ever, against any virus, etc., we are still losing lives, getting infected, etc! Looks like we’ve also lost 2 years, and economies and economic conditions worldwide continue to suffer! Many supply chains, employment and mental health are also affected! Many people now believe that we might, and maybe never quite – get out of this situation, but more likely – we will end up in an epidemic, such as the flu (flu, etc.). This means we will start to see it as part of our normal everyday life with us, and instead of trying to get rid of it and/or cure it, most people will probably need a range of help from Pushers – vaccines, etc. ., and some common sense, public health, to a significant, minimal, overall impact! With that in mind, this article will briefly consider, examine, review and discuss 5 considerations before moving on.

1. Rate of vaccination/vaccination, vs. mutation rate etc: unfortunately many are their own worst enemy and are more concerned with empty promises, conspiracy theories and supposed alternatives, and/or rejection/minimal Instead of listening to the experts, do your part by getting vaccinated, wearing masks wearing, social distancing and more! While there will be breakthrough cases, we believe that in most cases these cases will be mild while most severe cases, hospitalizations and deaths are due to unvaccinated and immunocompromised etc! If more people were given the chance, these mutations would have far fewer places, broods, etc!

2. Global Ratios: This is a global public health crisis, and the risks are compounded by significant socioeconomic disparities between rich and poor countries! While President Biden has pledged and promised to deliver millions of therapeutic doses, many other countries have — yet — stood up to getting treatment!

3. Transmission and Severity: One of the challenges in the testing process is that so many people are currently being tested with imperfect results, asymptomatic and more severe cases are counted too! How many people get the flu every year, but don’t know, and have never been reported, because the outcome could not be serious?

4. Will we witness more widely accepted common sense public health measures? : This battle must be continuous and permanent! In our quest to reduce our impact, we can’t stop using common sense! Why do we continue to witness so many people failing to vaccinate, using public spaces and/or wearing masks when necessary? Why should this be a political issue, if it has to be a public health issue?

5. Ease/Ease of More Reliable Testing: Today, most tests are either difficult to locate or expensive, inconvenient, and many of the results are false positives and/or negatives! We need to figure out how to improve this part!

Although many people feel the epidemic – fatigue, stop, smart, public health approach, now will have the worst effects, lasting longer than others! Unfortunately, this virus will probably be with us for a long time and we need to find the best way to turn it into a pandemic in the smartest, safest and smartest way!


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